Critique of the Stewart/Colbert Effect

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On April 29, 2006, at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in Washington D.C., Stephen Colbert performed as the featured entertainer of the dinner. After dinner, Stephen Colbert gave a speech regarding President George W. Bush. In this speech, Colbert spends an entire sixteen minutes ridiculing and diminishing President Bush. Colbert starts with a brief joke concerning the black SUVs out front of the hotel where the dinner took place. As a continuation of his introdution, Colbert sarcastically asks for someone to pinch him because he may be in a dream being so close to Bush. He then continues and tells someone to shoot him in the face, a reference to Dick Cheney accidentally shooting someone he was hunting with. After these introductory jokes, Colbert got down to business with his roasting of President Bush. First, Colbert compares Bush to himself in the sense that they both go straight from the gut and do not pay attention to the facts. He then makes a joke about the government being best when governed least, and states that the government Bush has set up in Iraq is excellent by those standards. In between comments regarding President Bush, Colbert made small humorous quips about other subjects such as America, democracy, religion, and food. Throughout the entire speech, Colbert takes time to throw shots towards President Bush, and he also takes jabs at one of his typical subjects, Fox News. Many of his jokes and quips deal with not only President Bush, but also the government and government policies as a whole. Colbert also does this all in a way that ridicules the President while Bush does not even fully understand that Colbert makes fun of him, and this allows Colbert to get away with directly insulting the President to his face. Colbert expertly constructs his speech in order to convey his insults toward Bush in a way that would not seem like a

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