Critique of Systematic Research Review (Srr)

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A Systematic Research Review: To what extent do nurses use research in clinical practice?
Sindiswa Michel
Chamberlain College of Nursing
NR505: Advanced Research Methods: Evidence-Based Practice
Spring A, 2014


The nursing research problem addressed in the Systematic research Review is, To what extent do nurses use research in clinical practice? This systematic research review is relevant to nursing practice in that the nursing profession is now recognizing the importance of research as a need for quality improvement in providing nursing care to our patients. The researchers used a systematic review of RCTs. They chose experimental designs which included Random control Trials, clinical trials, and quasi-experimental studies. The non-experimental designs which were also chosen were observational studies which involved; cohort, case-control, cross-sectional. This strengthened the research rigor. The good thing about a systematic review of RCTs, it provides information of what a researcher already knows about a topic of concern. Multiple studies addressing the research questions are pulled out, and ranks the research question higher compared to a single RCT. The research was empirically and systematically gathered from different research sources. Registered nurses, and licensed practical nurses were included in the studies. This further strengthened the rigor because information was being gathered from the right sources. The articles which were excluded were those which were based on expert opinion. Usually expert opinion in most cases is not a research evidence. The researchers sort consult from the health science librarian on their research strategy. They pulled their articles from different databases. They

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