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Critique Of Salvador Dali: The Late Works

  • Submitted by: Poobies04
  • on April 25, 2011
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Group 6 Critique of Salvador Dalí: The Late Work Arts in Society 1107-08 Fall Semester 2010 October 21, 2010

My husband and I took our two sons to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. We went to view the current exhibit of the late works of the magnificent artist Salvador Dalí. After years of hearing that Salvador Dalí was crazy, strange and intense about his life and his art I had already formed opinions about what I was going to see. With certainty, I wanted to see if he was really all that he has been made out to be. In the first part of the exhibit there are many photographs of the artist and his moustache. I found that very weird but began to think that maybe that was the reaction he would have wanted. My sons were a bit confused by the experience and really wondered why their parents brought them to a crowded place to see a scary looking man with a giant mustache. I opted not to listen to the narrative offered with the headphones so that I could form my own opinions about the artist and his work. After I got through the two galleries of photographs and paintings of other peoples work I began to see the real artist. It started to feel like I was getting an up close and personal look at his thoughts and feelings about his wife, religion and society. I’ still not sure if he was himself confused or if he just enjoyed confusing the public. One of the things that really made an impression on me was the incorporation of his wife in so many of his works. Through different decades and different styles he continued to use her image and to me that speaks volumes about him. Seeing his wife in so many different forms led me to believe that Dalí was a very passionate and possible romantic man. I felt a connection to him when I saw her in so many photographs and paintings. Personally, I think that any man who can find a way to make his wife a part of everything he does, without getting tired of her is a genius. The painting that impressed me profoundly was “Santiago El...

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