Critique of Research Study

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Critique of research -Part 1 Gracy Zachariah Grand Canyon University NUR-504 Health Care Research Analysis and Utilization NUR-504 Kim Leftwich July 22, 2015 Burnout and Job Satisfaction among Counselor Educators Abstract: This quantitative study was conducted by Sangganjanavanich and Balkin to investigate the connection between burnout and job satisfaction among counselor educators. They interviewed 220 full time counselor educators who were working full time. It was found that the most important factor causing burnout among counselor educators was the emotional exhaustion. Suggestions to decrease burnout, increase job satisfaction, and future research needs were discussed. Introduction Professional counselors provide quality services to their clients and students. It is important to maintain personal wellness prior to giving quality care to their students and clients. The Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs ( CACREP)) understands the importance of wellness and personal well-being, and states professional development must include in counselor education programs. Burnout is a state of emotional exhaustion due to work related stress. High academic demands and high demands from institutions administrations cause a natural tendency to feel burnout and see a decline in job satisfaction among counselor educators. Overall, there is an imbalance between personal wellness and career development among counselor educators. Statement of the problem This quantitative study was held to determine the relationship between work related stress that leads to burnout, and how job satisfaction among mental health professional educators and impacts personal wellness. Hypothesis or research question This quantitative study was held to assess if there is a correlation between work
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