Critique of Playstation®4 User's Guide

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Critique of PlayStation®4 User's Guide Joe Moon ENG/221 February 17, 2014 Dwight Davis Critique of PlayStation®4 User's Guide INTRODUCTION I searched for a manual to critique and thought I should critique a manual on something I would like to use. This will be a critique on PlayStation 4 user’s guide’s audience recognition, organization, layout, use of visualization, and consistency. AUDIENCE RECOGNITION The first thing that is seen on the main page of the user’s guide is everything is in categories that are easy to read and understand. Knowing this is a video game console the audience will range in age from 10 years old and older. There will also be users that might not have ever used a gaming console before. Under each category there is a drop down menu with sub-categories. The negative thing I seen was under the category settings there is a sub-category labeled PSN. Since I have experience with the other PlayStation consoles I know that PSN stands for PlayStation Network. The writer should have thought about spelling this out for the audience that does not have any experience with PlayStation. After clicking on several other links there was not one place that showed what PSN stood for. After clicking and reading all the categories, everything on those categories was explained in detail with visual aids to help. The user’s guide was well written and had a good audience recognition. ORGANIZATION Having good organization will allow the user to find their way around the user guide without many problems. The PlayStation user’s guide was organized in a way it made it easy to navigate with the categories on the top of the page. The writer organized everything into these categories: Basics,

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