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Ashlie Ludick English 1C: Critical Thinking M. Jaffe 4.16.2012 Allen Ginsberg’s “America” Critique of “America” Allen Ginsberg was able to express the way he felt about America, the people, the government, the politics, and certain demands. He was able to express himself and also allow the reader to be open to their own interpretations of what he said. Allen Ginsberg’s “America” poem is serious in certain aspects yet also humorous in many other ways. He uses things like profanity and sarcasm to be humorous and to also have the reader be left with a little optimism and hope. Ginsberg is also able to make the poem personal by expressing his homosexuality and making references to his use of marijuana. Through sarcasm Allen’s poem “America” becomes more of a satire to the U.S. . He’s being sarcastic and also against the cold war when he says “America when will we end the human war? / Go fuck yourself with your atom bomb.” The profanity used here also helps you hear the sarcasm in his tone. Also he uses sarcasm when the poem reads “Are you going to let your emotional life be run by time Magazine? / I’m obsessed with Time Magazine. / I read it every week. / Its cover stares at me every time I slink past the corner candy store.” Here he is being sarcastic and also somewhat of a hypocrite. To where the first part reads “Are you going to let your emotional life be run by Time Magazine?” comes off as a bad thing and yet he is obsessed with it and can’t help but read it himself is condescending and hypocritical. Profanity in a poem can have many different affects on the read. For instance it can put more emphasis on what the writer is trying to express. Profanity can also make a certain situation feel lighter and more humorous versus serious, or in some circumstances it can offend certain readers if read by the wrong audience. Allen Ginsberg is able to use profanity

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