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Critique Of A Nursing Paper

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The purpose of this paper is to provide a critical appraisal of the publication, “The Role of Significant others in Adolescent Diabetes, A Qualitative Study” by Carroll and Marrero (2006).

Burns and Grove (2009), define critical appraisal of research as,

“systematic, unbiased, careful examination of all aspects of a study to judge the merits, limitations, meaning, and significance based on previous research experience and knowledge of the topic.”         p. 694.

Critical appraisal underpins clinical practice and academic work and provides a balanced evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of a study (Dunning, 2010).   It is important to critically appraise research as it provides readers with an opportunity to widen their understanding of a subject, provides the evidence to support decision making and improves practice by allowing work practice to become more evidence based (Burns and Grove, 2003; Cutcliffe and Ward, 2003; Moule and Goodman, 2009).

The way this will be achieved is to make general observations of Carroll and Marrero’s (2006) study by discussing the abstract, the referencing and the literature review.   The appropriateness of the journal in which the research was published will be reviewed and the rationale provided for the study will be examined.   The authors and their qualifications, sponsorship and acknowledgements and their implications will also be discussed.

The use of a qualitative study and its appropriateness will be explored, also the methodology employed will be critiqued including the sample and setting of the research and the appropriateness of this approach.   The description of the results, and the discussion of findings of the research, including the limitations explored by the authors and the implications for further study, will be examined.


The abstract is a summary or synopsis of the research , including the background and aim of the study.   Depending on the journal it should be 200-300...

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