Critique of a Critique

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Introduction The critique makes a introduction of both the passage under analysis (the essay “We Are Not Created Equal in Every Way”) and the author (Joan Ryan) The background – the author presents the general frame around the subject – school admission with a reference to college admission to provide a solid analogy in terms of the difficulty of admission rates There is also a reference to a target audience of the critique “we” – a general audience that encompasses a wide spectrum of social strata (the author of the critique doesn’t make a clear point about who the specific target audience is because the subject of education concerns us all – parents, children, professionals, educators, etc.) Summarize The critique summarizes the author’s main ideas in a paragraph, and also depicts the author’s purpose for writing. All throughout the critique there are “narrative” instances that give an objective account of what the original text holds. There’s an argumentative instance closely following the “narrative” ones, in which the author of the critique expresses his opinions. Therefore, a recurring structure can be extracted: presentation of the original view followed by the critique’s author view (agreement/disagreement with the opinion expressed) Assessment of the Presentation 1. Information accuracy Eric Ralston, the author of the critique offers an accurate account of the information presented in the original text. References to the original text are often made and strengthened by the usage of paraphrasing and direct quotation. For instance, Ralston directly quotes Ryan on the issue of “leaner body types”, a standard required by ballet schools as an admission requirement. Even more, the critique uses quotations that Ryan herself used throughout the original text to give her essay authority and authenticity as in the case of directly quoting Krissy Keefer

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