A Critique of McIntyres Making Meaning of Whiteness

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A Critique of McIntyre’s Making Meaning of Whiteness Response to a Recommended Text RESEARCH DESIGN Statement of the problem: From her book, McIntyre provides the following statement of her research problem: I suggest that one strategy for pulling together multicultural antiracist education, whiteness, and white racial identity is through positioning the white teacher as an active agent of change who is implicated in the teaching / learning process that she / he creates out of the convergence of theory and practice. I add to Cochran-Smith's analysis by suggesting that white student teachers need to be intentional about being self-reformers—in other words, purposefully thinking through their own racial identities as salient aspects of their thinking through the racial identities of the students they teach. … this kind of self-conscious critique cannot be achieved without also Cochran-Smith (1991) argues that student teachers can be activists and reformers in the struggle for educational reform. (McIntyre, 1997, p. 5) While she has addressed her theoretical framework for this research earlier, she further demonstrates her desire to add to the body of knowledge for theory of educating White pre-service teachers to be aware of their own racial biases through their construction of their understanding of their racial identity without the juxtaposition of Blackness. She then proceeds to select her research participants using a homogeneous sampling (Glesne, 1998) to describe the sub-group of white pre-service which is completely appropriate for this theoretical framework selected. Research Methods I felt very confident that I had a strong grasp of McIntyre’s research methods as she outlined them in chapter two of her book. I found her rationale for rejecting the use of racial identity models and using Participatory Action Research (PAR) again, in-line with

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