Critique: Johanathan Swifts a Modest Proposal

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Critique: A Modest Proposal by Johnathan Swift A Modest Proposal is considered to be one of the greatest Satires of all times. Written by Johnathan Swift, an active political writer born in Dublin on November 30, 1667 to parents of English decent, A Modest Proposal masterfully employs use of many rhetorical devices to show Johnathan's frustration towards the Landlords and royalty of both England and Ireland for neglecting the increasing poverty and misery of people from his homeland. Although the text might sometimes seem confusing, offensive and over exaggerative to be taken seriously, even so the implications drawn with the help of language, tone and style more than sufficiently translate the deeper meaning of his message which is the need of improvement in Ireland's situation. Johnathan's labels and examples might sometimes perplex his audience due to their complex connotations and harsh generalizations. Looking at the wording in the article, much of the language used need explanation. Readers can be confused from label's such as "doubt", "wanting", "chair" and "dear" which hold different meanings than their original definitions. Also, the exemplification of women as breeders and the equating of Landlords and royalty to savages might undermine his views as people might see him as irrational and offensive. Yet his style of delivery, along with the masterful use of tone and language, more than make up for these short comings. In the text, he assumed the persona of a concerned economist, who ideally wants to see his nation grow and prosper. On the other hand, he presented the corrupt landlords and royalty as savages who needed to be compensated for if the nation had to move forward. He intentionally used an ironic and comical tone to mock these "savages" by bringing into light their characteristics of greed, pride and apathy towards others. One very good

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