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A guide for critique of research articles Following is the list of criteria to evaluate (critique) a research article. Please note that you should first summarize the paper and then evaluate different parts of it. Most of the evaluation section should be devoted to evaluation of internal validity of the conclusions. Please add at the end a section entitled ''changes in the design/procedures if I want to replicate this study." Attach a copy of the original article to your paper. Click here to see a draft (this is how you start) of a research critique. Click here to see a finished research critique. Hint The following list is a guide for you to organize your evaluation. It is recommended to organize your evaluation in this order. However, you don’t have to consider all of the following items in your evaluation. 1- Title Does it tell the reader exactly what the study is about? Does it convey the content? Is it as succinctly as possible? Does it include waste words? E.g. An investigation of...instead of investigating... 2- Introduction Does it flow smoothly and yet reasonably brief. Is it clear or full of technical terms? Is it appropriate for the target reader? Does it create interest in the study? 3- Literature Review Does the review seem sufficient (thorough)? Are the "classic" articles included? Is it well organized (Does it built to a clear statement of "what next"? Is the review redundant or concise? Are you able to detect non-supporting evidence? Is current and relevant references cited and properly interpreted? 4-Purpose (problem, question) Is the problem or the purpose clearly stated? Is it breaking new ground, or extending an old one? Is it clear that which kind of research it is? (Scientific, Practical, Social, Survey, Experimental, Historical, case study, job analysis, develpmental, trend, correlational studies )? Are the Limitations and

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