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Humphrey Opondo Denise Keenaghan English 1301 29th March 2012 A Critique Essay of The Movie Hotel Rwanda “Paul Rusesbagina,I hear you are hiding cockroaches in your hotel, one of this days we will come and wipe them all out”. This are the exact words used by one of the militia generals during the genocide in Rwanda.The film is based on a true story about the happenings of the genocide. Paul who is the main character in the film is a man who tries to make a difference but ends up between a rock and a hard surface since he has to make some tough choices. On April 6,1994 Rwandan President Habyarimama was killed under mysterious circumstances. A brutal war breaks out between two rival African groups:the Hutu and the Tutsi.Each tribe blames the other for the presidents assassination. A sharp division among them appears and rebel groups are formed .Paul is the manager of of Sabena Hotel des Millie,Collines owned by Belgians. He belongs to the Hutu tribe but his wife Tatiana is Tutsi.His marriage ends up to be a source of friction with Hutu extremists most prominently George Rutaganda a friendly goods supplier to the hotel who is also the local leader of interahamwe, a brutal anti-Tutsi militia. As the political situation in the country worsens, Paul and his family observe neighbors being killed in ethnic violence. Paul carries favor with people of influence, bribing them with money and alcohol, seeking to maintain sufficient influence to keep his family safe. When civil war erupts and a Rwandan Army officer threatens Paul and his neighbors, Paul barely negotiates their safety, and brings everyone to the hotel. More refugees come to the hotel from the overburdened United Nations camp, the Red Cross, and orphanages. Paul must divert the Hutu soldiers, care for the refugees, be a source of strength to his

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