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Critique Essay In the article “The End Of Solitude” author William Deresiewicz talks about how society today is becoming more and more socially connected. He talks about how with the advancements in technology it is now almost impossible to be completely “alone”. Deresiewicz was affective in his argument because he talked about the social norms of the time, while using statistics to support his reasoning. He also gives personal examples for support. One thing the author talks about is how social networks such as facebook, and twitter have changed the way people communicate with one another. Deresiewicz suggests that people are looking for recognition and acknowledgment. He says, This is what the contemporary self wants. It wants to be recognized, wants to be connected: It wants to be visible. If not to the millions, on Survivor or Oprah, then to the hundreds, on Twitter or Facebook. This is the quality that validates us, this is how we become real to ourselves — by being seen by others. (1) Deresiewicz believes that because of all this connectivity, people have lost all solitude from others. Everything they do is made public and is open for all to see. He says that a lot of people fear the prospect of being “alone” and not having anyone to associate with. He believes that there should be a balance between being socially connected and having times of solitude. He gives the example of a teenager who texted 3,000 times a month, which was one every 10 min, which meant she was never alone (2). This kind of behavior can cause harm because kids become too dependent and cannot function on their own. Deresiwicz gives examples of his reasoning throughout the article. He states that throughout time, the greatest philosophers and achievers have all had their privacy when they were successful. He also talks about how there is a big gap in between the different

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