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Introduction Now a days, most people will believe everything that they read on the internet. This can provide them with false information on the subject they are researching. Not only does the false information give incorrect analysis, but also deals with a completely different illness that the website is explaining. The website I chose for my web report critique is WebMD – Better information. Better health. The URL for this website is I chose WebMD because I use it personally and enjoy all of the website’s articles and health tips. The website is not only for the health conscious, but also for all people ranging between all ages, gender and ethnicity. Discussion Credibility The most important factor in evaluating the quality of the information in the internet is determining the credibility of sources of the medical information (Rankin, Stallings, & London, 2005). After evaluation WebMD’s website, I have come to realize that the information is accurate, current, and provides a complete overview of the topic at hand. WebMD provides us with link where we can contact the author of article and ask any questions pertaining to the illness or disease. Another link that provides us with authenticity is the “who we are” tab provided by the website. Disclosure According to SAM criteria found in (Rankin, Stallings, & London, 2005) any health information materials should clearly state their intent and purpose so that health care consumers will pay attention to the given information and will not miss out the main points. In this website, the intended purpose is clearly stated. The information provided is to teach general public about its illness, its symptoms and available treatment. Design Personally speaking, I feel that the layout of the website is a bit unorganized. I find it difficult to pinpoint what is the focal

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