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Vicente De Leon M. Frederick ENC 1145 11 Feb. 2015 A Critique of Wendell Berry’s “Why I Am Not Going to Buy a Computer” Since the beginning of time, mankid have been telling stories. Wether they are myths, legends or epic narrative, stories were orally told from generations to generations. Around 3500 BCE, the first writing system was invented in Mesopotamia and Egypt. At first, no real alphabet was developed, but figures or drawings which told stories. From this source of telling stories, the Phoenicians developed the oldest alphabet on the history. By 2150 BCE, the first ever known epic story, The Epic of Gilgamesh, was ever written. The epic tale consisted of the stories of their gods or epic heroes. This kind of narrative became so popular that a Greek writer, Homer, would then write two of the most known epic tales ever, The Iliad and The Odyssey. The story telling media would make a complete twist in 1440 when Johan Gutenberg invented the printing press. Because books had to be written by hand, the printing press made books more easier to be written and to be distribute. Books started to be a mass production. Writing became even easier when in 1714, Henry Mill created the typewriter. Aproximately 300 years later, a new kind of tool will captivate writers all over the world, the computer and Internet were invented. Everything changed with these two innovations. Computer made it are more easier to write and modify than any other antique tool, while the Internet helped newcomer writes to publish their work. Computers have been existing for a while now. In 1939, HP created the first computer, 200 A Audio Oscillator, which was mostly used by engineers. Throughout the years, many kinds of computer were built, but most of them were made for big companies, who could afford them. It was not until 1982 when the first personal computer was built. Commodore 64 by

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