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Running head: CRITIQUE OF “THE GETTYSBURG ADDRESS” 1 Critique of “The Gettysburg Address” Running head: CRITIQUE OF “THE GETTYSBURG ADDRESS” 2 Summary: In the article “The Gettysburg Address” which is a speech delivered by the President Abraham Lincoln during the civil war, Lincoln claims that the sacrifice of the soldiers in the war helps in preserving the national union and reminds the audience on the core basis of the country which are liberty and equality. He considers that the lives lost in the Gettysburg war were an attempt to save the country from colonization, mentioning that the Gettysburg war could be forgotten but not the soldiers who died at that time. He emphasizes the importance of dedication to maintain the unity of the nation and its principles and he urged the audience to complete the task and to be conducted by the government. Ethos: In the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln's credibility comes from his position as president. He used ethos in his speech by making it exclusively for the people. He used his authority to state his views of what had happened there and what could possibly happen later. Lincoln was also well known for his kindness and caring, characteristics that added to his good character. By using the collective “we,” Lincoln closed the distance between him and his audience. He made them feel the sense of belonging: “We must take increased devotion,” “it is for us to be dedicated”. Additionally, he used several language techniques to build up his ethos by the usage of short sentences since they are often more effective and powerful, as is indeed in Lincoln ‘speech and also by choosing words that can easily be understood by all and that what creates the connection

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