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Critique of Samuel B. Hemingway’s “The Relationship of a Midsummer Night’s Dream to Romeo and Juliet” Hemingway views his unique points on “The relationship of a Midsummer Night’s Dream to Romeo and Juliet” from his own perspective. He reveals his points with strongly evidences and makes the hypothesis that Romeo and Juliet was first published than the Dream. Samuel B’s article is easy to understand, entertaining and impressive, with a few flaws to the readers. The article is easy to understand because the topics of the article are clearly shown to the reader. This makes the reader have a general concept of the article. Hemingway quotes some of the conversations between the two plays to imply those who have not read the book that there is a close connection between them. In general, the article is easy to understand and it is clearly shown. In addition, the article is entertaining because Hemingway always make references to Shakespeare’s life experiences. Then he will support with evidence. This adds more interest in the article. Despite of comparing between the two plays, Hemingway also compares the writing when Shakespeare was young verses the writing when he was older. This increases the attention of the readers. Therefore, we can get more information about Shakespeare. Hemingway uses an interesting style where he asks a question and then answers it which is impressed by the readers. However, there are some obvious flaws in this article. There is no conclusion at the end which would cause an imperfect article. The readers may be confused whether the article is ended or not. As the article was written in 1911, Hemingway uses some languages which are now outdated. Therefore, the readers have to find out by dictionary. The structures are not well- developed which distracts the reader. In general, “The relationship of a Midsummer Night’s Dream to Romeo and

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