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Critique of Memories “Memories” was an interesting read due to its use of dialogue and how important it was to the whole tone of the story. The dialogue seemed really natural and not forced, making it feel like an actual conversation than a Q&A session. It was nice seeing the relationship of the three main characters become stronger through the dialogue as they had moments when they would not finish the sentence they would be saying but relay a lot of information to the reader regardless. The emotion portrayed through the writing was also really nice to read because it kept a very sisterhoodish feeling throughout the story. The story however, had weird transitions issues that made the reading uncomfortable at times. This happened mainly at the points when the author was giving a background to the characters. After the first dialogue section of the story the author decided to go and introduce the characters, which was really nice of them. The method used to introduce these characters was very unnatural and too sudden to keep the reader making sense of things. The main character all of a sudden decided to talk to the reader, which made it very unexpected and weird to read. It would have been okay if the main character was shown telling a story of the past from the beginning but the sudden—Hello, my name is [blank]—just seemed to not work at all. The writing itself was okay in this section but once again the transition to dialogue was not broken up comfortably enough to show the reader that the same dialogue from the beginning was continuing. Another section that I had a hard time reading was the ending because of the fact that without warning we find out that the story is a flashback. It would have been nice to have some hints in the writing itself to show that it was flashback and have the reader guessing than just have it happen all of a

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