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The speech that I chose to critique was the speech located in the chapter seven section about free solo climbing. It was named, “slip once – your dead”. Although I didn’t catch the speaker’s name she did a good job presenting her subject. As with any presenter there were things that needed improvement. The first thing I noticed about the presenter is that she spent a lot of time looking around the room but not a lot of time giving eye contact. Eye contact is important because it shows confidence in what you are saying. she keep the audience engaged by presenting interesting facts about two of the most famous free solo climbers. She used her visual aids effectively and explained them thoroughly. Each subject’s visual was interesting and the presenter also had facts for each as well. Throughout the presentation she transitioned from one subject to the next using transition words such as first and second. Although her presentation was quite interesting, there were a few things that needed improvement. For instance, throughout her presentation she used pauses such as “uh” and “um” when she needed to change her next slide or switch note cards. Also she didn’t really explain the sport of free solo climbing; she really just went into the reasons why the two free solo climbers enjoyed the sport. However she did give a few facts on the subject such as death statistics and equipment involved. All in all I think she did a really good job as a

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