Critically Simulation Review: Pareto Analysis

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Thinking Critically Simulation Review Learning Team A: Courtney Klima, David Rosenblum, Eduardo Garcia, Eli Blandin, Janice Swogger, Maria Blanco MGT 350 Timothy Riney June 04, 2012 Using a simulation to help make and evaluate critical decisions made by a manger is a useful tool in determining if the decisions are going to be effective. Learning Team A participated in taking a simulation to discover if each member would be ready to be a manager of an electronics store, in charge of making these critical decisions. Upon completing the simulation, the results were discussed and compared among the team members. The differences that were discovered between what the simulation was recommending and what decisions the team would make were…show more content…
In this type of decision making process, the various types of constraints that affect the decision are financial, legal, market, human, and organizational. Each of these constraints potentially can affect another, which in turn affects the organization. Another technique used to assist in the simulation was Pareto Analysis. In this technique the team was able to prioritize the possible changes by identifying the problems that would be resolved once the changes were implemented. Proposing a new variable pay scale, will affect how the employees are performing, sales, profitability, attrition, as well as the overall well-being of the store. By using this approach the team could prioritize the individual changes that could most improve the situation. Also, using the Optimizing technique, the decision made will hopefully achieve the best possible balance among the several problems that need to be addressed. Using this technique could potentially achieve the best balance between employee satisfaction, addressing local laws, and ultimately improving sales through product mix and slow moving…show more content…
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