Critically Assess Key Elements of Bourdieu’s Work on Culture and Its Reception, Paying Particular Attention to the Notions of Habitus and Cultural Capital.

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Critically assess key elements of Bourdieu’s work on culture and its reception, paying particular attention to the notions of habitus and cultural capital. Bourdieu distinguishes two types of habitus corresponding to two successive stages of the socialization of the individual. The first primary habit that begins with life and ending roughly in high school. It was during this period that the child will learn and internalize the standards, codes, rules of his social group. This habit is the result of his family and school education. Then in a second time, what he calls the habitus which is secondary to all the learning that the individual will then meet throughout his life, and particularly in the context of its environment. Most of the time, habitus primary and secondary succession smoothly in continuity: it is social reproduction. The individual as an adult sees his habit match that of its original social group. The habitus acquired the habit continues inherited. Sometimes it happens that the secondary habitus is inconsistent with the primary habit. Codes, standards, tastes, values of the individual tend not correspond to those inculcated and internalized as a child. The individual changes of social group, social class acquired different social class of origin. There is social mobility. But we said Bourdieu's habitus primary remembers often the individual who is guilty of "errors" in their behavior and social behavior indicative of his new status acquired and not inherited. Example: do not like contemporary art, while the social group in which it operates "loves" this (although the increase [o] to be very chic). For Bourdieu, habitus if these two are complementary, the fact remains that it is the primary habitus which dominates and which is most important. He speaks to this as an effect of inertia of the habitus. Do not confuse habitus
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