Critically Analyse Robert Drewe 'the Rip'

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The piece of writing in which I aim to critically analyse, is one of previous assessments accomplished in the subject of literature. The context of this essay focuses primarily on the short stories found in writer Robert Drewe’s collection titled ‘The Rip’ in which he metaphorically explores the similarities that the ocean has with human relationships. In terms of whether or not I have met the standards that are necessary in direct reference to the essay topic, I strongly believe that my piece of writing inherits a great amount of ideas that contribute to a critical exploration of the significance behind Robert Drewe’s work. However, as I aim to preoccupy this analysis on the element of structure, my piece of writing exposes some flaws that may indeed condemn my work as ineffective. By critiquing my ability to convey an effective structure in my piece, I have realised the lack of coherence and expansion of evidence that I have yet to acknowledge, creating an effect that is less attentive to readers. Similarly, I have also, in some instances, ignored the clarity that is needed in each paragraph by the simplicity of sign posting ideas that could have created a smoother flow through the structure. Part of the reason why I condemn this piece of writing as ‘ineffective’ has much to do with the lack of clarity in that which I defined as structure as opposed to what structure really consisted of. My inability to recognize the significance of structure in a piece of writing added to a loss of creativity and individuality. The idea of a structured essay, in my mind, solely consisted on five separate paragraphs, with the essentials of an introduction and conclusion. However, contrary to my beliefs, there was much more significance in just the existence of

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