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Critical Thinking -Week 5 Essay

  • Submitted by: feedo1969
  • on July 30, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Critical Thinking and Its Influence on My Life

Fadi Senan


July 24, 2012

Critical Thinking and Its Influence on My Life

      Critical thinking is giving more attention and consideration to every detail of the argument, keeping in minds the pros and cons, rely on reasons and facts rather than emotion, and consider a variety of possible viewpoints or perspectives in order to find a logical solution to a problem or issue. For example, when looking to buy a house, it is very important to be critical when asking things like: Why is this house price marked lower than usual? Is the reason due to a weak housing market and economy or other reasons involving structural damages? If the reason based on structural damages, it is important to ask yourself whether you can afford fixing the place.   Or is it going to be worth the investment or not? In other words, thinking critical goes beyond normal thinking and helps us be extra careful to every detail. A critical thinker will not take every statement at face value.
      The three most significant things that I learned about critical thinking during this course are:   Critical thinkers should always be skeptical, open-minded toward other different points of view, and be able to distinguish between problems and issues to help come up with a logical, reasonable solution in regard to a specific case.
      Critical thinking skills are considered a valuable tool in our daily life, it helps us think out of the box and put a side all personal believes and emotions. Approximately a year ago, when I first started my college courses, my way of thinking was based on previous experiences and personal believes (goes back to childhood). Well, I’m proud to state that most of this has changed; especially after taking this course. My way of thinking went beyond the way I used to think. It helped me base my solutions on facts and reasons rather than applying bias and emotions when looking for answers.   After being a...

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