Critical Thinking Scenario, Eth/316 Week 2 Essay

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Critical Thinking Scenario For the purposes of this paper, Iv chose the Blood Money video. The video provided in this scenario provides an investigative reporter’s view on the black market trade of human organs. In this particular video, it showed an in depth look at the military operations of China in regards to transplants. Moral Responsibility The moral responsibility first starts with what is right in the eye of the beholder. In America it is illegal to sell or buy an organ that is known to be illegally obtained (Organ Transplant Act of 1984). However, in China it is a method that is not shocking to the conscious and occurs on a regular basis. The responsibility can be argued from each side of the spectrum. Part of the argument will be speculation as there is no available documentation on the rights and laws in regards to prisoners. The first opinion can be seen as the prisoner has lost all rights to claims of his or her organs upon their execution. However, based on the Chinese Embassy’s response to the production, it can be assumed that there is no law in the claim of organs. Therefore it would be the need of consent of the prisoner to provide their organs for the purposes of donation. Ultimately the moral responsibility is to provide the trade of the organs through the legal means. This would mean that the consent be provided at a juncture that coercion or forgery is not conducted. A juncture available would be the sentencing hearing. The second would be to conduct the transplant through standardized methods. Stakeholder’s Moral Failings In this video, the moral failings appears to be the method in which the trades are conducted. The Doctor and his wife had full knowledge that they were conducting their trades illegally in the United States. The knowledge came to light when the Doctor was confronted. Ideals or Obligations in

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