Critical Thinking Reflection Paper

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If you decided to delegate the bed bath to the unregulated care provider, what instructions should you give him? I should assess first Mrs. Appleby’s situation and condition before delegating the bath to unregulated care provider. I have to assess how stable Mrs. Appleby and what associated risk could be develop if bath will be provided to her. I have to determine that the unregulated care provider is competent to do the bath safely by asking her to do return demonstration .I will also instruct her to use lifting device like a Hoyer Lift or a lifting sheet to move or lift her. I will instruct her not to drag a person's body along bed sheets to prevent friction and shear since she has already developed a red area over her sacrum. I will remind her to use mild soap and gentle strokes with a soft washcloth when giving bath, rinse the skin well and then pat it dry with a soft towel. I will instruct her to report and observe for signs of tearing or break. (Preventing Pressure Ulcers, n. d.). Which of the activities in exercise could you perform yourself and combine with the skin assessment? I could perform passive range-of-motion exercise for Mrs. Appleby by stretching her hips, legs and arms gently while lying on her back and while assessing her skin on her extremities. I could move her limbs using gentle circular motion while turning her side by side. I will do lumbar rotation such as bending her knees up and keeping them together, lower than to one side and repeating to the other side. In this way, I could assess her skin at the back while turning her. How would you evaluate whether the delegated activities were performed satisfactorily? The delegated activities were performed satisfactorily by evaluating Mrs. Appleby’s condition and evaluating the performance of the activity of the unregulated care provider (The Five Rights of Delegation, n. d.). I will

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