Critical Thinking and Decion Making

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Thinking is a natural process that involves every aspect of life. While the process of thinking encompasses our lives so greatly, many place very little time and effort into their thinking process. Without taking the time to place a greater emphasis on thoughts one faulty decision after another will be made. Utilizing the benefits of critical thinking and understanding the concepts and process would help to assure that all the relevant aspects, both long and short-term, will be made with in a clear rational mindset that would prove beneficial in the outcome. Critical thinking would allow one to be able to “second-guess” themselves but in a more constructive manner that is conducive to their needs and wants. What Is Critical Thinking? Critical thinking is a self-motivated, self-guided, and methodic approach to our thinking process. Critical thinking affords us the opportunity to base our decision making processes off of key essential elements, they are: clarity, assurance, and rational understanding. Critical thinking allows us the chance to place importance and meaning on our past and current situations; while at the same time, shaping, molding, and directing the outcomes of our future by influencing our choices and decisions that we will make. Critical thinking “provides the tools of mind you need to think through any and everything that requires thoughts. . . “(R. Paul & L. Elder 2006) The Aspects of Critical Thinking In addition to our ordinary level of thinking which involves making decisions and choices that can contain the whole spectrum of thoughts based on rational/irrational behaviors, urges, and assumption; Critical thinking requires that thinking be analyzed and assessed. In order to analyze thinking, one must: “Identify its purpose, question, get/receive information, come to a conclusion, going through assumptions, understanding the implications,

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