Critical Thinking Caps from Page 175 Essay

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University of Phoenix Material Questions for Critical Thinking Caps Worksheet Read the description of the six caps and the “Case Study for Six Caps” on p. 175 of Professional Nursing. Answer the following questions individually. Then, discuss your answers in your Learning Team forum online. After you have discussed each question and achieved a consensus, compile a group response, which will be submitted as a Learning Team assignment. White cap: What pieces of information are needed to assist the family in making a decision regarding Marianne’s care? Developing an effective care plan for a patient involves gathering information from different sources. In the case of Marianne, further information is needed to assist the family with making a decision regarding surgery. Besides her age, diagnosis, and current status, additional data should be collected. For example, when did her stroke signs and symptoms initiate? Obtaining more information on her prognosis from the physician and sharing his experience with similar cases may reassure the family. Is there any additional medical problems that may complicate her outcome after surgery? Has the family considered follow-up care and possible transportation issues? Who will assume the financial responsibility involved with post-operative care? Did Marianne ever discuss end of life choices with either immediate or extended family members? Does she have a diary that can bring input to her own care? Discussing her cultural and religious beliefs with the family may facilitate this decision. Hopefully, the answer to these questions might bring resolution for the family to what is best for Marianne. Red cap: How might family members’ values and morals affect their decision-making process when faced with potential end-of-life decisions for a loved one? Marianne has no Advance Directive, her husband, and

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