Critical Thinking Application Paper

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Critical Thinking Application Paper Management 350- Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making Critical thinking is a positive form of thinking, and is an, intellectually discipline process, which is a reflection of one’s thought or thinking patterns, people use critical thinking in all aspects of life whether with personal, or work related issues (Foundation for Critical Thinking, 2009). Thinking is complied with the method of mental judgment as well as the analytics and evaluation of thinking. This includes reflecting the processes in an intangible or a touchable item to shape and arrange a solid decision that will settle the scientific method of common sense. Critical thinking consists of three steps: Becoming conscious that assumptions do exist or making assumptions openly. The procedure of thinking needs broken down from the natural thinking stage and begin to start thinking critically to determine the final results of a non-biased answer within any type of disagreement or circumstances. A critical thinker must have strong character of a logical thinker. To be a critical thinker one must have a fair mind and finally assessing his or her accuracy (Foundation for Critical Thinking, 2009). I was recently looking for a birthday present for my sister, I decided that a computer would be a good present for her. As I began shopping for the computer at different locations as well as online, I became aware of details about of each laptop or desk top and picturing each use and the amount of space in memory it has, as well as if I were to purchase a desktop where to place it. Thinking of the different types of computers I had worked within the past, I determined what my sisters needs would be. The desktop could not be too tall in size or too wide because she has inadequate space as well as not too luxurious because I am on a budget, last it had to

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