Critical Thinking and Society Exercise

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Creative Minds and Critical Thinking PHL/458 John Meunch Mary Arnold Week 1 Individual Assignment Critical Thinking and Society Exercise Describe a situation in which critical and creative thought could have been used for a better outcome. Describe why it is important to think creatively in similar situations. At my day care center, we all eat together family style at tables of 10. Our meal is served in bowls and platters that are passed around the table. Some times these containers of food become contaminated, for whatever reason, but not servable, or we have dropped them on the floor by accident before they have gone around the table for everyone to serve themselves. Our food is brought in by a courier, it is prepared at our main site and delivered. So we get just about the amount we need for everyone to have the recommended USDA amount. So when this happens, we have to be creative with our solutions to this as we can't just go back to the kitchen and ask for more. We usually have peanut butter and slices of cheese available for the protein portion, we always have crackers on hand, and fruit juice can substitute for a portion of vegetables or fruit. We always have milk. So we know what we can grab to replace the item that is inedible. So this day we had some kind of pizza Panini sandwich and as it was passed they slid off of the platter and hit the floor. Oh my, several children wanted to eat them after they hit the floor, but we stopped them. No five second rule in preschool, Yuck!. We had crackers and cheese for the ones who did not get the sandwich. They were not happy but what could we do. So we talked about this after the meal and came up with the idea of placing servings of 5 on a platter on the table for the half of the group and another platter on the other side of the table for the other half of the group. No

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