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Critical Thinking Reflection Ilmarie Son HUM/115 08/17/2015 Laura Smith Critical Thinking Reflection The critical thinking in everyday life course was a tremendous journey for the past five weeks. When I first started this course I had no knowledge what critical thinking is or when should it be use. I have gained so much knowledge on critical thinking, and I have become a critical thinker myself thanks to this course. First, I had to learn the definition of critical thinking, and selected the level I supposed I fit in. Critical thinking is the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment. When I begin this course I recognized I never did any type of critical thinking so it was a guaranteed I was a level one critical thinker. At first I felt lost and I was not sure if I this course was for me, but I gave it chance and I am very pleased with the results. Second, I found out who were my barriers that kept me from critical thinking. Barriers to critical thinking can damage, and even more seriously hurt critical thinking concepts. I have two barriers that over the years have seriously hurt my critical thinking skills. Although there are barriers that hurt my critical thinking skills, also I blame myself for not educating myself, and being more forceful with my critical thinking skills. I have multiple barriers I have to work on to be able to become a way better thinking then I am at the moment. Dedication and educating myself, and also accepting that I need improvement will allow me to reach my goal. If people do not notice the barriers they need to improve it can damage, and even more seriously hurt critical thinking concepts. Lastly, I learned about the five step model, and how to use it on my everyday life problem solving. Identify the problem, discover the causes of the problem, and create

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