Critical Thinking Essay

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Learning Log Q1: What concepts were covered in the tutorial? A1: In this first tutorial, I have learned what "effective communication" is and why it is so important in our life. Moreover, I have touched the barriers of communication, including distraction, different experience such as different culture, age and language. Q2: What was the activity/ies undertaken during the tutorial? A2: I have joined the 3 activities which are forming our team, an evaluation of listener and "the story" practice. Q3: What did I learn from the tutorial (draw on the activity/ies undertaken)? A3: Effective communication helps us to create relationship with others, save time, avoid misunderstanding. Also, how to identify barriers of communication will be the key way to enhance our efficiency in the workplace. Not only do we resolve the noise which comes from the physical machine as fan, but also need to clean the barriers due to there are different background, knowledge, education and custom among us. Q4: What is my learning gap in relation to this topic? A4: Actually, I feel that I have fallen into the traps when I tried to judge the questions of "the story". I think most are right because they seem to make sense. But I am not aware of whether the information means the same thing or people. Q5: How will I apply these learnings in my studies, work or other aspects of my life? A5: Basically, I have to make sure my communication based on the effective way, otherwise, I need to find what barriers between us. Moreover, Being a good listener and paying enough attention when someone talks to me. That will make my image well and catch the important information. Ultimately, do not make a judge or decision without enough evidences, unless the fact actually gives us relative

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