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1 I WHAT IS CRITICAL THINKING, ANYWAY? f you attend a university, we’d bet you hear a lot about critical thinking. Perhaps you will hear your professors telling you how important it is, or how dismayed they are there isn’t more of it in today’s world. Unfortunately, you may not be entirely sure what exactly it is they think is lacking. If you listen for a while you may get the idea that whatever it is, all your professors are certain they emphasize it in their courses. You may even get the idea that for many of them “critical thinking” is mainly just whatever it is they happen to teach—sociology, history, business, communications, or whatever. Is there any common ground among educators about what critical thinking is? Yes! Most educators probably agree that a person who jumps to conclusions or makes illformed, indefensible, knee-jerk decisions has not thought critically. A while back we read about a teenager who was spotted shoplifting; the police were called and arrested the young man. While they were reading him his rights, he shook out of their grasp and made a run for it. Unfortunately, as he made his break his huge trousers tripped him, and that was the end of his getaway.* Everyone will agree that trying Students will learn to . . . 1. Define critical thinking 2. Distinguish objective claims from subjective claims 3. Understand subjectivism as it relates to moral claims 4. Identify issues 5. Define and identify premises and conclusions 6. Recognize an argument 7. Define and identify twelve common cognitive biases 8. Understand the terms truth and knowledge as used in this book *The lad had not been handcuffed, the police perhaps assuming his trousers would serve the same purpose. 1 2 CHAPTER 1: WHAT IS CRITICAL THINKING, ANYWAY? to run from the police, especially when your pants are on the ground, is not thinking well, let alone

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