Critical Thinking Essay

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Critical Thinking Steps Introduction The ability to think is highly critical in a complex and diverse world that people live in today. Modernization calls for continuous progress and each person is forced to adapt by constantly challenging existing principles and methods of doing things in order to ensure growth. Costa and Garmston (1994) claim that the contemporary society requires a skill called critical thinking which is a higher level of intellectual process that makes use of diverse information, skills and attitudes in interpreting situations and confronting problems in the real world. This paper is an attempt to define and discuss the nature of critical thinking as an intellectual process based on the given situation i.e. The Memo of Triad Insurance Company in Indianapolis (TICI). The first part gives a definition of the concept along with the skills and attitudes that are necessary for critical thinking to be effective. Skills in this paper pertain to the various cognitive abilities that a person utilizes in critical thinking while attitudes are the necessary mind-set and preparations that a person should possess in undergoing the process. The first part seeks to provide a body of knowledge on how critical thinking occurs on the basis of an individual’s innate abilities and personal efforts. The second part is the application of the discussed process i.e. evaluation of The Memo of Triad Insurance Company in Indianapolis (TICI) using the 11 steps in Critical Thinking discussed in the book of Browne, N & Keeley S (2007). The final part contains the conclusion which is a summary of the entire presentation along with some of the writer’s own interpretations. Definition of, Skills and Attitudes in Critical Thinking Critical thinking can be defined as an organized intellectual process that an individual undergoes in using all the

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