Critical Thinking Essay

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The dilemma in which nurse Munoz is, instead of nursing units to be organized and split up for better services. This increases effective and efficiency in services and care of the patient since they are independent in their environment of work. This is opposite of what she have been reading in leadership theory which she was expecting to be of inspiration by the new knowledge and find out better ways in problems solving. This bring up a total dramatically different from what it is stated in the theory. According to many articles they call for motivation in leadership which is common leadership hence empowering the staff nurses. The key issues in nursing work environment are everyone is boss, have new role to play, higher position and followers consequently consolidating the nurses’ functions as they tamper with their services. Due to this consolidation and reorganization nurse managers are accountable for various nursing units. In ambulatory clinics they are realigned to report to physician director of clinics whereas the inpatient nurse managers are responsible for various nursing units. The resultant cause exhaustion in inpatient clinical departments since there is work overload. They feel diminished and angry because of the effects on the department of nursing. Nurse Munoz can handle this situation by apply what she had been gathering from her studies in leadership theory and improve the work environment. Instead of being puzzled. By educating her workmates nurses what are the nursing department goals, since the unit goals develop from them. Every nurse must contribute to the formation of department goals in terms of philosophy of care and quality care which also represent personal goals. Due to unequal distribution of leadership this lead to nurses being diminished and not empowered. Appling the inspiration that she has been reading to discover new ways of

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