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Critical Thinking What is critical thinking? Why is it so beneficial to use critical thinking in the workplace and for personal agenda? Do people realize they are thinking critically when it comes to making a decision whether it's major or minor? Why is it important to learn and utilize critical thinking? Steven Schafersman wrote, "The purpose of specifically teaching critical thinking in the sciences or any other discipline is to improve the skills of students and thus better prepare tem to succeed in the world" (Schafersman, 1991). In order to fully understand critical thinking, one must be able to take time and research that topic. After learning of critical thinking, that person should be able to describe what critical is and be able to tell the importance and benefits of critical thinking in the decision making process. There is not one way of defining or describing critical thinking. It has many purposes and different meanings. However, the concept of critical thinking is about coming to a conclusion for a decision after getting the knowledge one needs to put their decision in place. One way of describing critical thinking can be the scientific method applied by ordinary people to the ordinary world (Schafersman, 1991). Critical thinking was thought to be applied only in the workplace, but studies show that critical thinking can be used in personal agendas when it comes to a major decision involving their life and their family. Many may argue that critical thinking is best suited for the work environment if they don't understand critical thinking to its fullest. When critical thinking is fully understood, that person realizes that critical thinking is reasonable, responsible, and skillful thinking that is focused on deciding what to believe or do (Schafersman, 1991). How we process the information depends on our knowledge of

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