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The article was given by our tutor to critically analyze using evidence to support our work. The critical thinking involves open minded, honesty and self- awareness while analyzing. I will consider a variety of possible viewpoints or perspectives. The text I was given has a big broaden title “women ‘outperform men’ at university”. Written by Sarah Cassidy and published in The Independent newspaper on Monday. Sarah Cassidy is the education correspondent, her focus are education and women carriers after higher education. The very beginning of article identifies that 200 students were questioned at this research over four years time. That is a significantly low number of students to curry research based on Brunel University. It works out around 50 students a year. With a student numbers reaching 15000 from over 100 countries worldwide, this research has not been fully investigated and it does not reflect real performance. In the article author does not mansion accurate number between men and women or how consistent this research was, either which kind of women, their background nor age, religion or ethic believes. While at the beginning of the text, reader is unable to identify which type of research, what it involved and how it was curried. Later we establish that it was done by students at geography and science departments, who then” became concern that male students were under-performing”. It is still not clear if research was based on the students at those two departments, or on whole university. S. Cassidy (2003) text suddenly jumps to disadvantaged students and how to encourage them to go to higher education. There is no link between two paragraphs. Two different ideas brought into text. Reader has difficulty to follow what is coming up. Besides that, this statement has no relation to women and man performance at university, as students from all

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