Critical Thinking Essay

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Abstract Because we people are all subject to the influence of our environment, upbringing and social groups, it is important for us consciously to apply critical thought to the decisions which are made. This paper defines critical thinking and explains why using critical thinking in our everyday lives should be something we all strive to accomplish. Failing to consider the impact of wrong decisions can have disastrous effects from even the smallest, most insignificant issues. Understanding and Application of Critical Thinking Even though critical thinking is not always needed, critical thought should be a key part of any decision making process because critical thinking leads to sound decisions based on objective observation and critical thinking helps people to break the bonds of enculturation and limited thought. Every day we are all presented with decisions. Some decisions will impact only ourselves and other decisions will have far reaching consequences, beyond what we may expect. Critical thinking means stepping outside of one's comfort zone to explore possibilities that would not otherwise seem apparent. People are oftentimes limited in their abilities to consider alternate solutions to problems, not because of their intelligence but because of the way they limit their own thought process. Author Vincent Ruggiero tells us "The essence of critical thinking is evaluation. Critical thinking, therefore, may be defined as the process by which we test claims and arguments and determine which have merit and which do not." (Ruggiero, Vincent R, 2004, p. 17) Using Ruggiero's definition of critical thinking we can see that critical thinking doesn't have to be an overcomplicated and cumbersome process. We simply need to test our assumptions and explore the arguments before we can truly come to a conclusion. To open our minds to this type of thinking

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