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Week 2 Assignment 1 Critical Thinking July 15, 2012 Sensory perception is mind and matter purposes are to understand various aspects of sensory perception and their relationship with the brain function and cognition skills. People perceive the world their five senses, which are sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. We connect to the world around us by perceiving and processing sensory input. Therefore, we depend on our senses to direct us through everything from the humdrum to the most intricate, each and every minute of every day. Although, we realize our senses are fallible, then we can begin to adjust to surface appearances and personal distortions. I believe in the accuracy sensory information the first reason is because if you lose on sense, all the other sense you have left are amplify because you lost another sense. I love watching cooking competition show, one cooking show stand out to me because an young is blind, but she is able to still cook because she has an excellent pallet to taste food, taste, a chemical sense, is a composite of sweet, sour, salty, and bitter sensations, and of the aromas that interact with information from the taste buds. Smell, also a chemical sense, does not have basic sensations as there are for touch and taste, and excellent listening skills. She has to trust her taste and hearing because she is lacking sight. Secondly I feel that I believe in the accuracy of listening, and being able to hear. Be able to hear comes naturally. Starting from a young age infant are able to pick up on sounds that they hear, and mimic them. The accuracy of sound your brain is depending on it as a young age because that is how you learn a language quickly. Another example are children of parents that know another language, their children are able to understand and speak two language all because what they

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