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Critical Thinking Paper Steven Cook Mtg/350 March 29, 2012 Timothy Baker Critical Thinking is important to people on a daily basis. The ability to have a mode of thinking that enables us to communicate effectively and form good problem solving abilities. Good thinking skills give one the ability to analyze and assess a problem or situation so as to find the right corrective measures to solve the issue at hand. Critical Thinking is self directed and self disciplined. Critical thinkers are always working to improve the skills of reasoning and intellectual abilities which enable them to try and improve the world around them. To analyze thinking, we must first identify the purpose of what is to be solved. A critical thinker should also factor in all assumptions and implications to find the point of view. Another thing of importance is to check for clarity, accurancy depth, logic, relevance and fairness. To become a good critical thinker who is well cultured, a person should do certain things well. Some of these are a critical thinker must ask vital questions, then, formulate them clearly and in a precise manner. A critical thinker should then be able to form a reasoned conclusion and possible solutions to the problem at hand. One should also be able to communicate effectively with others involved in the process. Critical thinking has been around since the days of ancient Greece. The Greeks recognized that if people were left to think for themselves, they would steer towards prejudice and over- generalize things. People would also have self- deception and be narrow-minded about things. People who are trained in critical thinking are taught to try and minimize the errors and blunders of thinking to quickly without rationalizing. The basic concept of critical thinking is to take charge of the mind. By doing this, we can take charge of our lives and improve the way we

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