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Critical thinking is the disciplined art of ensuring that you use the best thinking you are capable of in any set of circumstances. (Elder and Paul 2004). The critical thinking strategy that I have seen work well in my professional life is "Question, Questions". In my experience in the Neonatal ICU I have encountered a few parents who are passive agressive. They will extensively question a nurse regarding a variety of things including ventilator settings, why changes were made, why one nurse does something one way and another does it another way. They request the results of tests and want to know the meaning or implications of these results. Then the very next shift they ask the following nurse the same exact questions - and so on. I do believe they truly want to know the answers to their questions initially but then are testing the nurses that follow. Their questions are "loaded" and are not helping them solve what is at the root of their concerns. Thinking often gets us in trouble because we fail to think through implications. An example that comes to mind is when a fellow nurse took a call from a father who was requesting an update on the status of his week old preterm infant. The parents of this baby were not married and there was not a paternity test confirming this man as the father. The mother had not yet revealed to the father that she had tested HIV positive during the pregnancy. The nurse informed the father that the baby has been given her antibiotics and her AZT (HIV med) and was resting comfortably. The father questioned the nurse regarding the AZT and the nurse realized that she had given out more information then she should have. She directed the call to the MD on for the night. This nurse did not think ahead about what information she was able to reveal to this father. She was was written up for violating HIPAA guidelines. Elder, L. and Paul, R.

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