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Critical Theory Essay

  • Submitted by: jaimal
  • on August 11, 2008
  • Category: Arts and Music
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In this essay I will be basing my   arguments on concepts drawn from Modernism and Post-Modernism, and comparing   and contrasting   Ian McCellan's film version of Richard III, and Al Pacino's Looking For Richard.

When one watched both films of Richard 3rd one might expect things to be similar and be called a stereotyped version of the play   just in the form of a film. One can be amazed to see how different they both can be and that they can relate to Modernism and postmodernism theories. As the play originates form the Shakespeare in the Elizabethan era, one establishes that its a play which is definitely a tragedy and will have war. Richard the 3rd comes into the cateorgory of historical plays which has several themes that merges in it. The plays shows themes such as betrayal. murder, jealousy whilst a man struggles to be come king. He did have a short reign after all.

When looking at the theories above they both have a historical reference as well. As modernism is dated three decades before 1914 and movements started to evolve before than. Modernism is where people acknowledged progression from previous knowledge . New ways were forming through science   and technology as well as art, music, literature . Modernists were searching of way to   improve their quality of life from the traditional methods they had.

Also searching through the Postmodernism theory , this was when the world of critical theory evolved, in subjects covering, art, literature, music and philosophy was also influenced by post modernist theory. However some elements of critical modernism theory still is part of postmodernism as well.

Richard 3rd by Ian Mc Keller   takes a modernist approach in one’s opinion. the opening even though not being like a traditional Shakespearean set, clothing it uses the language. The modernist approach in the film is that the fact that they’ve bought it to another era. It looks very 1030s / and 40s which...

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