Critical Study Of Artist Essay

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David Hockney: Garrowby Hill David Hockney was born on 9 July 1937. He became a famous artist in 1967 which he won the award of John Moores Painting Prize at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool. This really helped in becoming what he has, His painting are consisted of many sheets of paper next to each other which can be viewed from a near distance or from a bit further away which makes the 6 or so paintings look like one paintings. Hockney uses oil paints to get fine detail into the work that he does and then this intern affects the final outcome of the painting. Hockney has really captured the countryside genre through the use of different shades of greens and yellows to create the different shaped fields. I like the painting because through the use of different shades of colour it makes the image look more like a photograph and more realistic. The painting is very detailed, the lines are very precise and the colours are correct, as they are what you see and expect from the countryside. This picture will help inspire my final project, which I plan to do on nature because the image displays bright and attractive colours, which are involved in nature making the topic more interesting and exciting. I also admire this image as Hockney has painted his picture at a high angle, helping to show more of the surrounding area, which are fields. This also puts more emphasis on the countryside’s unique feature that is the windy roads, due to the focus being higher, enabling Hockney to create a higher and thinner windy road. For instance, if Hockney painted the country side image at a low-level height, it would be hard for him to demonstrate the height of the countryside’s features and Hockney would not have enough space to fit as much on to his page. Hockney has really considered how he is going to present this image on paper by using paint and he has succeeded in grabbing

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