Critical Review of the Mosquito Coast

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Allie Fox is the main character of the Mosquito Coast movie and Allie is a controversial guy. He is a good mechanic and inventor with great creativity, as we know, he invented ice machine. Furthermore, he has leadership, he lead the aborigines to build a whole new town. He is a passionate guy, and doing anything energetically. However, there are a lot of defects in his characteristic. Like stubborn, he believed that whatever he said is true, and can hardly listen to other’s opinion. In addition, He is selfish, self-centered, and too emotional. As a result, people were afraid to go against him. In the whole movie, he made many decisions. First decision, he refused to buy a Japanese made cable. When he made this decision, there is no Meta decision in his mind, and there is a mental shortcut. He thought he is an American, and he need to buy anything made in USA, and he is also doing so, Therefore, when he buy something, he would consciously or unconsciously choose the stuff which were made in American. When he made this decision, he was wearing red hat and black hat. He is too emotional, when the seller gave him a Japanese made cable. He is angry and querying the seller who is he working for. The second decision he made was to make an ice machine. In the movie, he is a mechanic, and his boss wanted him to fix the cooler in order to store the storage, but instead of fixing the cooler, he made an ice machine. When he decided to made an ice machine, there was no Meta decision in his mind; he should know what is the priority and criteria, making ice or keeping the storage fresh. Obviously, he didn’t think about the criteria, he just thought that ice is the civilization, and my boss should notice that. There is a mental blooper: expert trap. As a mechanical expert, he is comfort with creating and inventing, he thought he is an expert and whatever he did is right.

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