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REGZ9255 University Orientation & Study Skills 2 Assignment 2: Critical Review Name: Alexis A. Castro Robles Student No.: 5023945 Teacher: Jamie Roberts Class: Tuesday A Critical Review of Four Sources on Housing in Redfern (part of the City of Sydney Local Government Area) by Alexis A. Castro Robles INTRODUCTION This critical review will examine four different sources that address the issue of housing in one particular part of the City of Sydney Local Government Area, the Inner-City suburb of Redfern. The sources are a book chapter, 'Cosmopolitan Metropolitanism (Or The Indifferent City)' from Cities of Whiteness by Wendy S. Shaw; a journal article, 'Urban Indigenous Housing issues in Redfern' by Jacqui Wilkinson; the Community Profile of the City of Sydney ( statistics, focusing on Redfern Housing Tenure and finally, a research report by the Parliament of New South Wales, the City of Sydney Affordable Housing Research Paper. All of the sources present strengths and weaknesses in the following aspects of the topic: the suburb's progressing urban consolidation, the inadequate housing conditions for Aborigines compared to other residents of the suburb, housing tenure and its socio-economic groups and the housing-affordability crisis and its effects on certain residents of Redfern. SUMMARY This section contains a summary of the above-mentioned sources. The fourth chapter of the book, 'City of Whiteness' by Wendy Shaw (2007, pp. 136-172) discusses the aspect of urban consolidation in Inner Sydney. It presents how these areas were transformed from working class enclaves and industrial landscapes into an urbanised cosmopolis, with modern apartments that appeal to the affluent. Redfern is mentioned as an example of this transformation and the author points out that Aboriginal residents are neglected and stigmatised in the process.

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