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Tran Hoang Minh Hien Response to Miles Walker’s “The street of Viet Nam – Every 45 minutes”, 2007. Traffic accidents are one of the most fundamental problems that many countries, including Viet Nam, have to face. In the article “The street of Viet Nam – A fatality every 45 minutes” (2007) written by Miles Walker, the author suggests some of the possible solutions for these traffic issues in Viet Nam. This essay will examine a strength and a weakness of his main arguments. According to the article, Walker recommends some options in order to help to solve and reduce traffic accidents. Firstly, Walker suggests that more fee-charging parking lots throughout cities may also contribute to the fall of the accident rate. Secondly, he states that the number of vehicles traveling on the street should be decreased by the government by increasing the retail tax for petroleum. Walker’s idea about raising the cost of the parking fee is very convincing because this may discourage people from using their private vehicles. Since not many citizens will feel comfortable paying a high fee just for parking, many of them may consider the option of using public transports. As a consequence, there may be fewer vehicles on the street, which can possibly result in the following fall of traffic accidents. Additionally, he is also correct to point out that if so many people can afford to ride their motorbikes or even cars “to markets, schools, restaurants and disco” then those people should be able to pay for a parking spot. However, there are several problems with Walker’s argument about raising the retail tax for petrol. He states that increasing the petroleum price by 5000 VND of the price of 11, 800 VND in 2007 would contribute a great reduction in the number of vehicles. Furthermore, according to Walker, this would be a very small sum of money for those who are able to ride their

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