Critical Response of the Odd Couple

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The Odd Couple Response Attending The Odd Couple in the Black Box theatre was a thrilling experience. It is always very entertaining to walk into a theatre where the action has already begun (without missing anything, of course.) Having Oscar, Speed, Vinnie, Murray, and Roy already at the poker table setting the mood while the incoming audience busied themselves with finding a seat, was a great way for introducing the energy of the play. There wasn’t a particular focus (other than the five of them at the table,) while they were all sitting out there playing their game, and it gave a nice entertaining introductory setting for the scenes to come. As a college student and speaking as a member of the rest of the Pocatello theatre-attending community, I found the play very fitting and easy to understand. Although set in a different time period, some of the scenarios presented in the play were very relatable for many of the audience members. Most college students have had a roommate or two that they haven’t been too fond of or gotten along with, and seeing the same relationship played out onstage was frankly hilarious. The stage direction and blocking in the theatre in the round made this production of The Odd Couple unique and exciting. Action could be seen from all areas of the house, but there was never a time when my view was obstructed by stage furniture or other actors. The blocking was very strategically designed for this type of stage. The set was placed perfectly to where the action was never too congested and the stage work flowed well. The set in general was very aesthetically pleasing and looked like a real apartment from the late sixties, early seventies. The vibrant orange wallpaper pattern in the kitchen was perfect for the era as well as all the furniture and appliances and even the hanging light fixture. The stairs stage left of the
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