Critical Response Murderously Self-Pitying Fathers

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Critical response to “Murderously self-pitying fathers” by India Knight Critical response to “Murderously self-pitying fathers” by India Knight In her article ‘Murderously self-pitying fathers’, first published in the November 5th 2006 edition of The Sunday Times, India Knight states that “Men – traditionally stiff-upper-lipped, buttoned-up, silently heroic – just can’t cope anymore.” According to her, fathers cannot handle crisis. Whereas Knight gives several examples of fathers who have attempted to, or succeeded to murder their children because they feel victimised by their (ex-)wives or because they simply want to take revenge on them, Knight uses a biased choice of evidence. What she lacks to acknowledge, is that not only men are capable of murdering their offspring out of frustration. Nor are they always the one to lose touch with their children after a divorce. Firstly, in her article, Knight uses four examples of fathers murdering their children over arguments with their (ex-)wives or other factors concerning their relationship with the mother of his children. She uses a research of the NSPCC which shows that a father kills a family member every week in the UK. What Knight does not point out, is that there are many mothers that have committed the same crime. She deliberately left out research about mothers killing their children. However, in a letter to the Sunday Times, The National Society for the Protection of Children wrote that “national crime statistics show that “killings of children by a natural parent are committed in almost equal proportions by mothers (47%) and fathers (53%).” Also, Knight leaves out examples of mothers killing their children out of anger towards their (ex-)husband, For example, in November 2012 a mother from Illinois has stabbed her son, a girl she was babysitting and two dogs to death over an argument with her husband. This

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