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Critical Reflective Analysis Paper Ryerson University November 30, 2011 Introduction In this paper I will be defining the four metaparadigm concepts: environment, health, nursing and person. I will discuss if the definitions are totality or simultaneity paradigm. I will next review Florence Nightingales metaparadigm definitions. I will then compare and critically review both definitions against each other with examples. In conclusion I will discuss newly defined metaparadigm definitions. My Definitions Person A person is the patient, client or resident that the nurse deals with in her occupation. The person could also be someone’s wife, mother, daughter and co-worker. This definition represents the totality…show more content…
I do not believe this to be true. I believe that men or women can be nurses and either sex can choose to do a good job at it or not. Florence believes education is important in nursing and so do I. Florence believed nursing to be a calling from God. Although, I like the idea I do not feel it to be a necessity of nursing. Florence believed it was the nurse’s job to put the patient in the best possible condition for healing, I believe this to be true as well, but do not feel it is a job just for the nurse. We have so many more professional types that specialize in various areas that I feel it is the “teams” job to put the person in the best possible condition for healing. Florence believed in community health nursing and working with the government. I believe this to be a part of the nurse’s job as well. In my definition I also stated to empathize with the patient and to listen to the patient. Environment Florence believed that the environment was anything that can be manipulated. I would agree with this when I stated the living space. Florence and I both defined “air” and “ventilation” as part of the environment. Florence also made a point on saying it also is internal- meaning food, liquid a person drinks. I would agree with this but, I did not mention it in my definition. I also mentioned the people in a person’s environment like family, friends. Florence does talk about what to say to the patient but does not consider social environment part of her definition.

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