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Critical Reading When reading critically one must keep in mind the 3 encounters: 1st encounter: seeing the text 2nd encounter: reading & analyzing the text 3rd encounter: responding critically to the text or argument Begin with the first encounter * Read the publication and the author’s background. This familiarizes you with both the author’s work and the history behind it. * Remember to focus on both the author and the text! While reading, ask yourself: 1. Who wrote the article and what is their background? 2. To whom is this article being directed to? 3. Why (or what) purpose was the article written for? 4. How is the text arranged and/or organized 5. What reason did the author have for the arrangement? The Second Encounter As you read organize yourself by: * Number the paragraphs * Circle any key terms * Underline the author’s claims and other information that is important to the reading. Example: He is not to be confused with the lonely ones. You’ll find them everywhere. The lady who comes into our local coffee shop… Writing in the margins is a crucial part of critical reading. When writing in the margins be sure to: * Define key terms * Paraphrase or summarize ideas * List rhetorical strategies, tone, arrangement, use of allusions, metaphors, paradox, ect. * Point out facts, data, and other means of support. The Third Encounter Responding to an argument * Once you find an argument, ask yourself: 1. Who is the author’s audience? What is he or she arguing? 2. What is the author saying with this argument? 3. Does this argument affect me (the reader) in any way? 4. Does the author support his or her argument with claims in an effective way? * Annotate the text * Being by creating notes about the text * Make comments, ask questions about the text, develop aspects of

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