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Critical Reading Essay

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Below is an essay on "Critical Reading" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Bryan Gould is a well-known former British Labour MP and a vice-chancellor of Waikato University, who is expertise in economics, law, international affairs (Gould, 2011). He wrote numerous articles on the NZ Herald. Thereby, he is renowned and experienced expert on this topic.
Gould believes that privatising public services affect the economic performance of New Zealand and workers’ wages are forced down due to privatisation. It can be seen from “under-performing economy” and “squeezing out of workers” in the article.

This article was published in March 2012 on NZ Herald business section; this implies Gould tried to persuade the general public to insist his opinion, especially for equal household shopper, socio-economic groups, high income household and business decision makers, who are the main readers of NZ Herald. Moreover, the language used in his article is easy to understand without any specialized words which means he tried to persuade the general public. The date of publication seems to be no effect in short time due to the article is about general trends. This problem have not solved in NZ.
Gould’s main points are that the real goal of overseas owners is profit which is the funding provided by NZ taxpayers, but not service, and private equity investors squeezed from aged care workers in order to make a greater return on their investment without concerning the welfare of their NZ workers.
The article seems lack of evidences due to Gould just claimed some data, but without providing further explanation to prove his points. For example, he mentions the cases of Port of Auckland and Affco as his evidences in the article, but he do not analyse the cases or what they are for. It is easy to double its credible for those who have no backgrounds about them.
It is obviously clear that Gould’s arguments are not enough to be convincing by lacking of evidences. In addition, from the aspect of language, he said the Australian...

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